Burnt Autumn Dummy clip

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This lovely Dummy Clip is the most perfect accessory for little ones who use a dummy. They are handmade and they match perfectly with everyday outfits. Plus they are the perfect accessory for your little one to not lose their dummy.

The silicone beads are made from non-toxic, food grade silicone beads that are BPA, Lead, Phthalates, Latex, and PVC free.

Care: To wash your dummy chain, wipe with a damp cloth. Do not submerge in water and do not allow your little one to put the dummy chain on their mouth.

Please ensure your dummy holder is attached to an item of the child’s clothing. Do not use this item whist in a cot, bed or crib. A dummy clip is not a toy or a teething accessory, so please ensure your child does not chew any parts of this product.

Warning: Make sure to discard the item at the first sign of damage.


Additional information

Shape Metal Clip

Round Rose Gold


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